Profiting With Owner Financed Homes (AKA Seller Financed Or Owner Carry) – Real Estate Agent Gold

For the real estate agent, broker, or professional, who understands how to structure owner financed deals, gold in the form of commission checks is awaiting. After having spoken with dozens of agents regarding the topic, I want to help provide solutions to your number one question: How do I get paid?Agents upon hearing the words “would the owner be willing to finance the sale” usually have a negative alarm going off in their heads that says “I won’t get paid”, or “I won’t receive my full commission”. By understanding how to structure these types of deals, you can assure yourself commissions in any market.Obviously, we all know that it’s important for the buyer of the property, on a home listed with agents or brokers, to do one thing; find a way to cover three important things: 1) the agents commissions, 2) the seller’s closing costs, and 3) the buyer’s closing costs. We all know agents need to eat, therefore they need to get paid for helping buyers and sellers close real estate transactions.Assuming we are working with a home owned free and clear (don’t worry, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, 31.7% of owner occupied owned homes are free and clear of mortgages), the key for the buyer is to find a way to provide approximately a 10% down payment (at least) so that all three of those above mentioned objectives can be obtained.The first, and easiest, method is to have the buyer pay 10% cash down from either their bank account, a line of credit, or borrower from a relative. This will allow the seller to finance the remaining 90% of the purchase to allow the transaction to close.The second, not as easy, method is to have the buyer borrow the 10% down payment from any lender on this planet to bring the cash to the closing table, and then allow the seller to hold a 2nd lien position of 90% to allow the sale to close. Even strict banks will worth with MANY borrowers to give the bank a 10% Loan to Value loan on a residential property. How can the bank lose ? If they borrowers make their payments, they win. If the borrowers default, they win. They are more secure in this type of deal than any other investment they could park their depositors hard earned money.In summary, the agents who find a way to help buyers come up with 10% to cover their minimum acquisition costs can become a deal structuring machine. They can help sellers sale their homes quickly, and help buyers when conventional lenders are running for the hills.

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