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Home Business Start Up — Advertising Sales Consultant

Vital Information:Start-up Investment:$200 (1st months advertising expense) $400 – $1700 (computer or laptop)Break-even time: 2 monthsEstimate of Annual Revenue and Profit: Revenue $40,000-150,000Typical Fees: Commissions range from 5% – 20%Advertising: Direct Mail, Classified ads in trade journals, customer referral incentives Web SiteGreatest Expense: Telephone BillThe Possibilities of Owning a Home Based Advertising Consulting Business are ImmeasurableWhy? Think about it…how many businesses, large and small, can’t use greater exposure for their products or services?Why not create a Home Based Business that satisfies the needs of other businesses?An Advertising Sales Representative, Home Business can be quite lucrative.Here are two examples of how you might approach this Home Business Opportunity:Your job as an Advertising Sales Representative is to locate “Quality Trade publications” as well as Classified ad locations which targets the customer of the Company you are advertising for.It’s best to begin with one niche and then expand into another.Let’s assume that your specialty is in the area of pets. You just love animals. You read magazines; you attend various pet shows…If you don’t have an area of specialty, you’ll need to research an area of interest.You’ll need to contact various publications related to your advertisor’s product or service which provide advertising space. Inform the advertising departments of these publications that you intend to run ongoing advertisements for numerous companies.Since your advertisements will run on an ongoing basis, you’ve increased the value of the publication to its reader, in that you’ve assisted the publication in exposing its readers to additional resources.Since you are providing a substantial value to the Publications readers’ and thus the publication itself, request a preferred advertisor’s discount.Ensure that you are made aware of each publications demographics. You’ll want to know the size of the circulation, average age of its readers, average income…as much information as possible. Record this information on index cards or database for easy access.On the other end of your business, you’ll focus on contacting various stores and other pet related organizations–in this case, pet stores and organizations. You’ll offer these businesses an opportunity to utilize your advertising services.Explain to your potential advertiser that you’ll publish their company’s advertisement in specified number of highly targeted publications.Of course, you’ll inform the business owner that that his or her business can benefit by using your services since your company is able to provide highly targeted advertising at a fraction of normal advertising costs.You can also offer a “preferred customer discount” which is only offered to customers who run ongoing advertisements.Research quality, targeted publications and then contact each to request a 1.5 – 5 inch ad. Place 3 – 7 advertisements from 3-7 different advertisor’s into this one advertisement spaces. Of course, you’ll need to call your organization something like: “Love Your Pet-Coop.”What have you accomplished?You’ve provided for your advertisers, great exposure in quality publications. You’ve added credibility to your advertisers since there are multiple companies listed.You’ve increased the value of the publication in that you’ve provided additional resources for its readers.For the cost of one advertisement, you’ve listed several.You’ve earned a percentage of the advertisement costs.Benefits to owning a Home Based Advertising BusinessFlexible scheduleYour office is wherever you areLow overheadSteady incomeContinual growthTax benefitsA different approach to owning an Advertising Sales BusinessGroup promotional coupons from several types of related organizations… Using the above example…a pet store and a pet supply store.Purchase quality mailing lists of individuals and groups who purchase items related to pets.Place all of the promotional coupons along with your business card into an envelope and then mail the envelope to the individuals and groups on the purchased list.Alternatively, you can create a coupon card that lists multiple businesses. Consider using a paper folding service provided by Kinko’s, Office Depot… to fold your sheet into 3 segments. Using a folding service will provide a crisp, professional look.Folding the page into 3 segments allows you to mail the pieces without need for envelopes.As an alternative to using 8 x 11.5 sheets, some Advertising Sales Representatives use standard post card sized ad sheets. One benefit to this approach is decreased mailing costs. Another benefit, if you’re just starting out, is that you can easily fill the space of a post card.Tips for running your Home Based Advertising Sales Business:Always include your own advertisements when advertising for your customer.Ensure that you advertise in quality publicationsEnsure that you purchase quality mailing listsEnsure that you ask your customers for referrals to related businesses.If you use the 3 segmented, full page method, consider folding your sheet with the ads listed on The outside. This allows the customer to see immediately, that your offer is of interest to them.Pay attention to deadlines Make frequent inquiries with your advertisers regarding whether or not their customers are using their coupons and why.Operating an advertising Sales business can be quite lucrative and is limited only by your creativity and fortitude.Copyright 2005